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Boys playing football at RAPCD

Our Work

Working with grassroots organisations in Africa, we focus on projects that provide education, income generation and community outreach, and that meet the medical needs of disabled children.  All of this is only possible thanks to your support.

Children in a classroom working at their desks

Accomplish gives financial support to a primary and secondary school and a vocational training centre in Uganda, as well as a school for deaf children in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

An epilepsy clinic
Medical Needs

Accomplish provides grants to the Kyaninga Child Development Centre to support its occupational and physiotherapy work in Uganda. We also fund a series of epilepsy clinics in Uganda. In Malawi, we support the Heart of Mercy, which cares for severely disabled children.

RSNF's pig project
Income Generation

Most of the families with whom we work live in poverty and struggle to cope with the financial implications of caring for disabled children. We support a range of initiatives to enable families to earn money. We also want to empower people to be as self-sufficient as possible.

Children outside carrying a washtub
Community Outreach

All of Accomplish's projects send small teams into remote villages to find families with disabled children and bring them comfort and support. They also educate families and communities to change attitudes towards disabled children. 

Clover writing with his feet

Clover has no arms but writes beautifully with his feet, and is thriving at our primary school.

Read about some of the other children and young people who, like Clover, are involved in our projects. 

A pupil at RAPCD's school, sitting in his wheelchair, with his lunch tray
Who We Work With

Meet our incredible partners, all of whom are locally-run grassroots organisations in Africa, and read about their amazing work in the fields of education, medical needs, income generation and community outreach.

Where We Work

We support a variety of projects through our local partners in a growing number of locations in Africa. 


Currently we have partners in Uganda, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Malawi, as the map below illustrates. 


Each project is a unique response to the local needs in the area.

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