Our Partners


Accomplish achieves its impact by collaborating with, and awarding grants to the following grass-roots organisations in Africa. The main focus of our work is in Uganda and we also reach children in Malawi and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The Rwenzori Association of Parents of Children with Disabilities (RAP-CD) was founded in 2004 by Maali Wilson. It runs a special needs primary school and recently opened a secondary school. RAP-CD also conducts community outreaches to find children with disabilities and help their families, and it runs parent support groups. 


RAP-CD aims to change attitudes through community education and by supporting families.  For more information, please visit www.rapcd.org

Mbedza Projects Support is dedicated to the prevention and relief of poverty in Malawi, one of Africa's poorest countries. Its work includes tackling HIV/AIDS, a sanitary project for girls, and installing efficient wood-burning stoves. More information is available at www.mbedzaprojectssupport.co.uk


Mbedza has opened a special needs centre in a rural village 25km from the city of Zomba, which Accomplish is supporting. Most of the children attending the centre have cerebral palsy.


Accomplish provided a grant to buy 10 female goats for children with disabilities, who own the goats themselves, which increases their status in their villages. The goats will provide milk and their kids will be sold to provide income. We are exploring other ways of working together.

The Rwenzori Special Needs Foundation (RSNF) was founded in 2010 to help children with disabilities access resources and opportunities, and achieve their full potential.

RSNF works with families to help children manage their symptoms and improve their quality of life, focusing on rehabilitation at home and working with the physiotherapists and occupational therapists at KCDC. 

Based in Fort Portal, where families often live a hand-to-mouth existence, RSNF manages an agriculture project and a piggery project to assist families with the costs of medication and other essentials. 

RSNF also runs a vocational school teaching hairdressing, tailoring and other professions to young people with disabilities. Please visit www.rwenzorispecialneeds.org to learn more.

Kyaninga Child Development Centre (KCDC) was established to provide assessment, treatment, education and support to children with disabilities, to enable them to lead more independent lives. It offers occupational and physiotherapy, as well as speech and language therapy.

KCDC is committed to training Ugandan healthcare professionals.

Accomplish provides a grant for the salaries of a Ugandan occupational and physiotherapist, as an efficient way to reach large numbers of children, and a long-term investment in local medical skills. 


The KCDC team works closely with nearby RSNF and runs an outreach physiotherapy clinic at RAP-CD's primary school.  


Please visit www.kyaningacdc.org to read about its work.

In collaboration with staff at Nyankunde Hospital in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Accomplish has sponsored two children through secondary education. Additionally, many young people from DRC attend Accomplish's epilepsy clinics (pictured above), which are held in Uganda near the DRC border. Children and their parents walk for hours to obtain prescriptions and medication at these these life-changing clinics, such is their growing reputation. 

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