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School children sitting at their desks

About Us

Accomplish Children's Trust CIO is a UK-based charity that funds locally-run projects in rural Africa.

Our mission is to transform the lives of disabled children in Africa, usually in poor, remote regions.

Accomplish follows Christian principles in our practical outreach work. We believe every child should be loved, respected and encouraged to reach their full potential.​

We empower grassroots organisations to make a difference in their communities by supporting projects for disabled children that promote:

  • Education

  • Medical Needs

  • Income Generation

  • Community Outreach

We are registered in England & Wales and our charity number is 1182573.

What makes us different ?

We focus on remote parts of Africa where disability is poorly understood and often seen as a curse, and where disabled children are sometimes described as worthless.

Our mission is to change attitudes so that every child is loved and respected, and has the opportunity to thrive.

We work with grassroots organisations run by local people. They are best placed to understand the local needs, to provide support for families and caregivers, and to change attitudes in their communities.

Poverty is endemic in the communities where we work, but disabled children suffer disproportionately more.  They are more likely to be malnourished and to drop out of school.

How your donation helps

We address multiple factors affecting disabled children (health, education, poverty, local beliefs) for greater and lasting impact.

We tackle poverty through farming. Families grow crops and raise livestock, selling surplus food to earn money. Each family gives seeds or piglets to another disabled child, so the project grows.

We work sustainably where possible. We collaborate closely with our partner organisations to encourage them to become more self-sufficient as they expand, e.g. by growing food.

Donations go directly to disabled children in Africa.  Accomplish has very few overheads in the UK and is run entirely by volunteers. 

Child with a ball toy


children have had physiotherapy or occupational therapy in the last six years at Kyaninga Child Development Centre

John collecting his epilepsy medication


children and young people receive epilepsy medication, enabling them to go to school and to work

Solanje reading Braille at school


disabled children attend our schools, 90% of whom did not previously go to school

Harvesting leaves with RSNF's farming project


families are farming, growing food to eat and sell: earning money to provide for their disabled children

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