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A pig with a sign that says: Rwenzori Special Needs Foundation Piggery Project 2016-2017

Income Generation

Most of the families with whom we work live in poverty and struggle to cope with the financial implications of caring for disabled children. We support a range of initiatives to enable families to earn money to spend on medicine, food and other essentials. We also want to empower people, families and communities to be as self-sufficient as possible.

Crops and livestock

Accomplish has been working with the Rwenzori Special Needs Foundation (RSNF) since 2015 to provide tools, seeds and livestock for families with disabled children. By growing crops or keeping pigs, families can feed themselves, as well as producing surplus vegetables or meat to sell. The income-generating farming project is sustainable because each family must donate a newborn piglet or some seeds to another family.

Farming was a lifeline in lockdown

Farming was a lifeline for many families in Fort Portal, Uganda, during the Covid-19 lockdown in 2020. Travel restrictions meant that people could not get to markets to buy food. Families involved in RSNF's farming project were able to grow enough food to eat themselves and many also gave food to neighbours in need.

Vocational Training

The Rwenzori Special Needs Foundation in Fort Portal, Uganda, runs a thriving vocational training centre, with courses in carpentry, tailoring, knitting and hairdressing.  It also teaches business  and finance skills so that its students are fully equipped to become self-employed or open their own businesses.  Indeed, 90% of its recent graduates are in work.

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, Accomplish has been able to provide all 29 of the 2021 graduates in tailoring, knitting and hairdressing with sewing and knitting machines or hairdressing equipment so that they can start work.

Two hairdressers are braiding a lady's hair in a salon
A lady is sewing outside, having studied tailoring at RSNF's vocational school


deaf or disabled young adults are  learning a trade this year at our vocational training centre; 90% of the centre's recent graduates are in work as tailors, knitting machinists or hairdressers.

The gift that keeps on giving...


will buy a pig for a disabled person to generate income and raise their status


will enable a family to start growing crops by providing seeds and tools


will give a disabled hairdresser professional equipment so they can ply their trade


will buy a sewing machine for a tailoring student so they can start work

Our Work


In addition to our income-generating initiatives, we also support projects for disabled children that promote the following:

  • Education

  • Medical Needs

  • Community Outreach

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