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Village children in Malawi


Most of the families with whom we work experienced terrible isolation before they became part of our projects. They often live in remote villages. They usually experience rejection because of their child’s condition. The children themselves experience even greater loneliness as they are often locked away, either by their condition or actually inside their huts.

All Accomplish's projects send small teams into remote villages to discover families with disabled children and bring them comfort and support in a wide variety of different ways. This is ‘community outreach’. It is not easy. The terrain is rough, distances are long. In the rainy seasons it takes super-human efforts to reach some of the villages. However, this is appreciated more than words can express.


Because of this invaluable work and the links already established with many remote families, our Ugandan projects were able to report the urgent need for food aid last year. This enabled Accomplish to respond, thanks to the generosity and quick response of our donors, knowing our project leaders would get food to families in desperate need.

Community outreach is the least acknowledged element of the work our African partners carry out, yet it is perhaps the most important.

A village scene in Malawi with mothers and their children

Our Work


In addition to our community outreach work, we also support projects for disabled children that promote the following:

  • Education

  • Medical Needs

  • Income Generation

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