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Saving lives with buckets of love

Two of our partners in Uganda have been distributing emergency food packages to families during lockdown. The food comes in colourful "buckets of love", along with information about hygiene and activities for children to do.

The food seems to have come at just the right time. The Rwenzori Special Needs Foundation (RSNF) found several families without any food at all; the children were eating grass.

Kyaninga Child Development Centre (KCDC) discovered four cases of severe acute malnutrition. Fortunately, KCDC was able to take these people to a nutrition ward at the regional referral hospital for further management and to receive therapeutic feeds.

KCDC has been providing home-based therapy and education programmes, as well as nutrition. In the five weeks up to May 21, they had reached 321 families across seven districts, with further follow-up visits planned.


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