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Ready to help change lives?

Accomplish Children's Trust enables our African partners to work with well over 2,000 disabled children and their families, bringing them a brighter future. To do this, and to reach even more children, we need all the help we can get. The more people who know about Accomplish, the better.

Could you consider becoming an ambassador by emailing a friend or relative with information about Accomplish and a link to our website, maybe with an explanation about why you support this charity? If everyone emailed just one other person, that would spread the awareness of our work to a much wider audience.

There are so many other ways you could help, too. Accomplish has several volunteers whose support is vital to our work in Africa and to our fundraising in the UK. Could you consider joining our volunteer taskforce? Specifically, we are looking for people to:

  1. Fundraise – recently, one of our volunteers sold homemade apple juice; another supporter made facemasks

  2. Write grant applications, particularly online applications

  3. Assist us with the design, development and content of our Wix-hosted website

  4. Join our new digital marketing and social media team; write and schedule content across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

  5. Edit our newsletters and our prayer letters

  6. Raise awareness of our work and keep our supporters informed

  7. Visit our partner organisations in Africa

We are creating teams to cover specific areas. For instance, we have a video-making team, a social media team and a finance team, all of whom bring their individual skills together to make things happen. We would love to form a fundraising team too.

Please email us at if you are interested in getting involved with this amazing work. Thank you so much.

Accomplish trustees and volunteers visiting our partner RAPCD in Uganda
Accomplish trustees and volunteers visiting our partner RAPCD in Uganda


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