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Putting a face to a name: Angela Dorey

To those of you who so kindly donate money to Accomplish Children’s Trust, mine is the name at the bottom of the thank you letters which land periodically on your doormat. Many of you have received 10 or more letters and it feels to me, although in most cases we’ve never met, like writing to friends.

I first became a volunteer with Accomplish at the suggestion of Sue Baldock, one of the Accomplish trustees. Her daughter Rebecca is Accomplish’s founder. As a family we have known Rebecca since she was six years old. A big factor in becoming involved was knowing that an organisation established by Rebecca would be ethically run. I was drawn to the principle that all money raised would go to help disabled children in Africa, rather than being spent on administration.

When Sue suggested letter writing I was happy to oblige. If people are generous enough to donate, the very least we can do is say ‘thank you’! Perhaps it seems a little quaint these days to write (or perhaps ‘scrawl’) the letters, but is seems more personal than e-mail. (If you are like me most electronic mailings receive the glance-and-delete treatment.) My husband Brian undertook paying for all the stationery and postage as a part of his contribution to Accomplish.

I hope you enjoy receiving the letters as much as I enjoy keeping you informed about how your donations are being spent!

Angela Dorey
Angela Dorey


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