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Our week with the Heart of Mercy

Accomplish Founder Rebecca Cornish, Trustee Sue Baldock and Physiotherapist Julia Tseayo have spent this week in Malawi with the Heart of Mercy - a community project for disabled children that Accomplish supports. Rebecca (also a physiotherapist) and Julia have been assessing children all week, teaching exercises and advising their caregivers.

Our team brought toys, clothing and other donations with them. "All the children were given a warm piece of clothing - much appreciated as it’s coming into the colder ‘winter’ season in Malawi," Rebecca said. "We were also able to fit some of the children with lycra suits, which help their trunk control, and to provide lots of advice on exercises. It was great to see the interactions between the parents and the [Heart of Mercy] team and their children."

Tawena with her new crutches
Tawena with her new crutches

The Heart of Mercy's leaders visit disabled children regularly in their homes, so Rebecca, Julia and Sue joined them. They met Tawena, who cannot walk and moves around by crawling. She has a wheelchair but struggles to use it because of the difficult terrain. Rebecca and Julia assessed her and gave her some crutches, which she can use under supervision for short distances. The Heart of Mercy team is going to fit parallel bars for her. With practice, Tawena should eventually be able to walk independently using her new crutches.

Our team also had the privilege of attending a meeting for parents and caregivers. "The parents were saying how they'd already been [following] the therapy advice and exercises given over the last few days and were noticing the difference," Rebecca said.

Parents and caregivers meeting at the Heart of Mercy
Parents and caregivers meeting at the Heart of Mercy

"It's been such an uplifting time here. All the children are loved and well cared for," Rebecca said. "We are constantly hearing how the work of the Heart of Mercy has enabled this [to happen] and this wasn't the case before."

The Heart of Mercy project currently works with 77 children (under 18) and another 12 young adults aged 18-25. Can you make a donation to help provide medical care and community support for these young people?


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