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From Land’s End to John O’Groats: Sue’s 1,000 mile journey

One of our trustees, Sue Baldock, has being tackling quite a feat this year to raise money for Accomplish; she has taken up the challenge of walking the equivalent of Land’s End to John O’Groats. Starting on New Year’s Day, she has carried on during the wettest January on record, the coldest February for years, alongside snow, ice and persistent rain on a route that will total over 1,000 miles.

Sue has been clocking up the miles locally, often accompanied by her husband and route planner (Sue assures us that she has a rubbish sense of direction, so guidance is essential!). Her 91-year-old Mum and Accomplish supporter, Shirley Talbutt (pictured with Sue), has come out to support her by walking part of the way too.

By the end of February Sue had crossed Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, and reached Gloucester, waving to many friends, relatives, and Accomplish supporters on her journey. As Sue says, "It would have been very tempting to stop for a while, visiting – well at least for a cuppa!"

Although Sue would have loved to have walked the Cornish moorlands, Devon’s country lanes and the Cotswold Way for real, she has still been treated to some really special moments, including a close encounter with a Kingfisher.

Sue’s journey was originally measured as 874 miles, so she hopes to raise £874 for Accomplish. However, a big decision to tackle the Pennine Way bumps the mileage up to over 1,000 miles. It’s a long journey, but as long as her feet keep going, so will she. We’re all sending Sue our best wishes, and if you would like to encourage Sue on her way, please donate to Accomplish via


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