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Community outreach in Malawi

Julian Watson recently visited the Heart of Mercy project in Malawi, which Accomplish supports. The Heart of Mercy is like a large family, caring for children with severe disabilities and their parents or guardians.

Julian sent this delightful message from Malawi (we have added some italics for clarity):

"Yesterday was one of the highlights. I had the pleasure of an afternoon with Memory, Nina, Gladys and Keith (the Heart of Mercy team), visiting two homes. It was quite a trek! I think Keith and Gladys wanted me to see how far they have to walk! (Gladys and Keith visit every child in the project at least once a month.)

"This project is so beautiful - there's so much love! I am totally knocked out - you can see the quality of the relationship between the team and the way that they are relating to the families. When we arrived at the first home, the child was waiting for us some distance from the home - when she saw Memory, she positively leapt for joy! He exited the car and she took his hand and walked him to the house. At this home, we saw a lot of goats (from the Heart of Mercy’s successful income-generating goat project.)

Nina is visiting one of the children in the Heart of Mercy project at her grandmother's house
Nina (far left) visits a little girl at her grandmother's home

"On the long walk to the second home, we were interrupted by others coming to speak and express their gratitude for the project. Keith and Gladys were positively beaming all the way. They are very proud of the project and the good it is doing. Apart from the material assistance that Accomplish is providing, it was evident that the things that are really valued are the encouragement which Keith and Gladys' visits provide, and also the opportunity to meet other parents in the same situation. They expressed how they used to feel alone, but no longer.

"My other observation is that the area is well known to Memory (who leads the project). It was the area he served when he was councillor, and he used to walk it regularly. Everyone knows who he is. Keith and Gladys have done an amazing thing introducing new families to project - finding them and encouraging them. (Nina is Heart of Mercy's administrator.) I can see that this project has grown - 60 families! Keith said there are more waiting."

Gladys (left) with one of the girls in the Heart of Mercy project

Accomplish recently received a grant from Medical Missionary News to expand the Heart of Mercy project, so that it can include more disabled children and their families. So 2022 looks as if it will be another exciting year for the Heart of Mercy.


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