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Godfrey reading Braille

Rwenzori Association of Parents of Children with Disabilities

The Rwenzori Association of Parents of Children with Disabilities (RAPCD) was founded in 2004 by Maali Wilson.


We have worked with RAPCD since it established its primary school for children with disabilities in 2010.  From small beginnings, it continues to expand and now has over 140 pupils.  It caters for pupils who are deaf, blind or have other disabilities such as cerebral palsy and Down's Syndrome.

Pupils at RAPCD's school; three of them are sitting in wheelchairs

As it is usual practice for pupils to pay school fees in Uganda, RAPCD has begun an income generating scheme.  Families in need of financial assistance are given a duck and the ducklings are sold.  In addition, one duckling is returned to the project to benefit another family.


The success of the primary school has led to the development of a secondary school nearby so pupils can continue their education.  In 2017, St Agnes secondary school opened with just a few rooms allowing pupils to complete their learning and exams.  Accomplish is supporting the construction of the remaining buildings.  


RAPCD also conducts community outreaches to find children with disabilities and help their families, and it runs parent support groups. 


The reputation of the school and its outreach work has changed people's attitudes towards disability and transformed the lives of children in the area.  

Jockim with a drum


Jockim, aged 13, was born with cerebral palsy and finds it difficult initiating speech.  He has been attending RAPCD's primary school for five years and is making great progress. 

Pupils at a RAPCD school desk
Support RAPCD

Donate online today via our Enthuse page to support RAPCD's work. Please specify by writing a message/comment in Enthuse if you would like to ringfence your donation for RAPCD. 

Children standing next to a piggery
Meet our other partners

The Rwenzori Special Needs Foundation (RSNF) addresses poverty through livestock and arable farming, and runs a vocational school teaching hairdressing and tailoring. 

Blind children reading Braille

Read more about the schools and educational initiatives that Accomplish supports, including a vocational training centre in Uganda and a school for deaf children in DR Congo.

RAPCD vision mission
Children working at their school desks
A spelling lesson
A classroom
A class at RAPCD's school
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