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Why I wanted to volunteer for Accomplish

My name is Ed Lowe and I'm a full-time electric wheelchair user due to cerebral palsy. I don't let this get me down, life is too short for that if you ask me. My wonderful parents, Mike and Bridget, didn't wrap me up in cotton wool, instead they allowed me to reach my full potential. My wonderful friends are also a massive inspiration, and they often say that I inspire them through my determination and zest for life.

I've been involved with many charities and organisations at a trustee and volunteer level. This one has a really special place in my heart. I've been very lucky because I've been able to get all of the equipment I need. Wheelchairs, both electric and manual, are available through the NHS. Developing countries, such as Uganda, haven't got all the luxuries that we have here. I wanted to join this wonderful charity to raise awareness, to make people think about how lucky they are to have what they have got, and to help people that are less fortunate than myself.

I also do lots of other volunteering at HealthWatch Nottingham and Nottinghamshire and Notts County Council Adult Health and Social Care Department. I'm passionate about giving a voice to people who don't have one, and understanding people to make sure they get what they need and deserve.


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