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Emergency appeal: food shortages

As a third wave of COVID-19 hits Uganda, lockdown and travel restrictions have led to widespread food shortages. As a result, our partner organisations in Uganda have been overwhelmed with requests to help families suffering from malnutrition and starvation. Therefore, we are launching an emergency fundraising appeal to provide food and essential supplies.

One of the most difficult aspects of the lockdown in Uganda is that people in rural regions are being prevented from making any form of travel (under heavy threats of fines or imprisonment if they do). Those living in rural regions rely on access to markets and stores in the major town and village areas. Without access to these, it is extremely difficult to buy and sell supplies. Without being able to sell produce, there is no possibility of income generation. Without access to markets, there is no means to buy food staples.

People who do not work the land are no longer able to commute to work. There is no furlough scheme in Uganda - without access to work, they have no income.

Malnutrition among children has reached 40% in Kasese (one of Accomplish's major project areas). This makes Kasese the third worst district in all of Uganda, according to a recent UNICEF survey.

Our charity partners have been inundated with requests to help families facing food shortages - and this is across whole communities, not just within their usual remit of serving disabled children. Their work is also impacted by the travel restrictions; community clinics and outreach cannot take place, access to medicines is becoming increasingly difficult and their own funds are being stretched to breaking point trying to meet the needs.

Please would you consider if you are able to able to make a one-off donation to help our emergency fund? Could you also consider if you could reach out to wider groups of family, friends, and work colleagues to see if they would be willing to contribute? Could you think creatively about how you might run an event or local fundraiser to bring in funds and increase awareness of the situation in third world countries?

Any donation, however large or small, will be specifically ring-fenced for this relief activity and every penny you contribute will make its way to the point of need in Africa. We retain no overheads or other operating costs that would cut into this donation. Accomplish is well placed to react to this crisis as we have direct access to the rural region and years of building up trust with our partners who are connected to these communities and the poorest families. Should you wish to give, funding can be sent via our usual banking details or via our donation site: Thank you so much for your generosity.


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