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Church funds start-up equipment for business graduates

Billericay Baptist Church is enabling disabled young people to go into business as hairdressers or tailors.

Through its Easter appeal, the church is raising money to buy sewing machines and hairdressing equipment for 40 graduates from the Rwenzori Special Needs Foundation's (RSNF) vocational training centre in Uganda.

RSNF has found that its students have much better chances of starting work and running successful businesses if they are given professional equipment. The school teaches small-scale business enterprise management skills as part of its vocational courses, to prepare its students to start their careers.

RSNF's vocational training centre is life-changing for its students, who hail from poor, remote villages. Sadly, many of them have faced prejudice and bullying.

Pamela, who cannot walk, said that before she started her course: "my life was ugly. We only ate one meal a day. In my village people used to call me a crawling, useless goat.

"RSNF brought me hope and confidence to start believing in myself."

Fellow student Sarah faced a similar situation. "I was in sheer poverty with no hope of help," she said. "I can now make skirts and dresses. I have assisted devices to use. No more laughing at me because I am disabled."

Thank you Billericay Baptist Church for giving so many young people the chance to start work.


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