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A new school and a new beginning

Andrew, who is 15 years old, attends Canon Apolo Demonstration School in Fort Portal, Uganda. The school specialises in teaching students who are deaf and has welcomed Andrew into its inclusive community. Here, for the first time in his life, Andrew has been able to study with teachers who use sign language, and learn alongside pupils who are also deaf, with whom he can communicate fluently.

Andrew was referred to Canon Apolo by Kyaninga Child Development Centre (KCDC), who Accomplish supports. KCDC first met Andrew back in 2015, when he was attending a local school near his home. He had a very negative attitude towards learning because he couldn't understand the teachers, who lacked sign language skills. He fell victim to bullying from fellow students who called him funny local names like "kasiru", which meant he couldn't understand.

After KCDC assessed Andrew and got to know his home environment, they had a session with his caregivers who took KCDC's advice to place Andrew into a specialist school.

Andrew now enjoys school and his future aspiration is to become either a plumber or a carpenter. He relates well to his peers, most of whom are also deaf, and to his teachers, who can understand and interpret sign language. Andrew is looking forward to sitting for his Primary Leaving Examinations this month, hoping that he will pass with flying colours.


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