Accomplish's Work

Accomplish focuses on education and medical care for children with disabilities in Africa.  We also support income-generating projects to help families meet the costs of caring for a child with disabilities. We bring a Christian ethos to our work.


Integrated Child Education Centre: 

This primary school in Kasese, Uganda (pictured, right), caters to pupils who are deaf or blind, and who have other disabilities including cerebral palsy and Down's Syndrome. It is run by our partner RAPCD, with Accomplish paying teachers' salaries and other running costs.

The centre was established in 2009 and by 2016 had grown to 139 pupils. A Ugandan Government inspection in 2013 gave the school a glowing report. 


RAPCD now plans to irrigate nearby farm land so the school can grow its own food.  


RAPCD is building a secondary school so pupils can continue their education further.

Vocational training:

Accomplish supports two vocational training centres in Kagando and Fort Portal, Uganda. They teach courses in carpentry, tailoring, hairdressing and crafts for people with disabilities, as well as parents who have young children with disabilities.

Medical Care


Accomplish finances an epilepsy outreach program, providing access to diagnosis and medication (pictured, right.)

More than 400 children from Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo are receiving regular medication thanks to our clinics, with life-changing results.  As well as assessing and treating people, the outreach program provides education about epilepsy to reduce the stigmas and fears associated with the condition.

Guidelines for treating epilepsy in Africa written by Accomplish trustee Dr Chris Harris have been adopted by several hospitals in Uganda. 


Physiotherapy & occupational therapy:

Accomplish is proud to support the Kyaninga Child Development Centre in Fort Portal, Uganda. We pay the salaries of a Ugandan occupational therapist and physiotherapist.

Community outreach: 

Accomplish funds the costs of community outreaches to locate children with disabilities living in remote areas, and encourage their families to seek appropriate medical treatment and education.

Income generation

Most families with whom we work live a hand-to-mouth existence, and the costs of school fees, medication and even food soon mount up.  Income-generating projects are a vital way to promote the rights of children with disabilities and to help families meet their needs.  



Accomplish backs an agriculture project in Fort Portal, Uganda, whereby families whose children have disabilities sow and harvest crops including potatoes and cabbages.


Accomplish provides families with pigs (pictured, left,) chickens or goats. As well as selling piglets, chicks and kids, they must give one animal to another family whose children have disabilities.


Accomplish sells crafts including jewellery and bags made by young people with disabilities.

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