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Flonika's story

Flonika was born in July 2011 and has cerebral palsy. She lives in Wilson Village, near the southern Malawian town of Zomba.


As a small child, Flonika had difficulty moving and needed help with everything, including feeding. She could sit but not walk, and had to be carried everywhere.

A cyclone hit southern Malawi early in 2019, destroying Flonika's mother's home. The family moved in with Flonika's grandmother, who took over her care, enabling her mother to go out to work in the fields.

Flonika and her mother

Flonika was one of the first children to enrol with the Heart of Mercy project, which Accomplish supports. She received monthly visits from the project's team leaders. They taught her grandma some simple exercises to help Flonika with her movements.


By the time Flonika reached her eighth birthday, she could take a few unsteady steps.

Flonika is now 10 years old and can walk unaided!

The Heart of Mercy team continues to visit Flonika every month and encourages her grandma to keep her moving.

Flonika has also been given a goat through a well-organised goat project in her village. She and her family earn money by selling the goat's kids.

Help children walk

Could you make a donation today to help more severely disabled children like Flonika learn to walk? 


Godfrey, who was born blind, was a star pupil at our primary and secondary schools. Now his sister Solanje, who is also blind, is studying at our primary school and is doing well.

Joseph visited by RSNF staff
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