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Accomplish runs eight rural epilepsy clinics, spreading from Kagando to beyond Fort Portal, a huge area of western Uganda. Approximately 700 children now receive treatment through these clinics, where medical professionals diagnose epilepsy and provide prescriptions, medication and information. Treatment uses three cheap, locally produced drugs. 

Our satellite clinic approach has been successful.  Before our clinics were established, it was estimated that only 1% of children with epilepsy received treatment. Now, an estimated 27% of children in the district with epilepsy are receiving treatment.  Some children and their parents walk for several hours to attend the clinics, such is their reputation. 

The clinics were established by one of our trustees, Dr. Chris Harris, working in partnership with Kagando Hospital.  Chris has written a programme of training for diagnosing epilepsy in children, which has been published in international journals alongside data from the clinics, receiving interest from many different countries.

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children and young people receive epilepsy treatment every month, enabling them to go to school or work

Donate to clinics

Just £10 a month will provide epilepsy medication for five children. Can you make a donation today to buy medicines that will stop children's seizures, so they can go to school and lead full lives?

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John's story

John has epilepsy and used to suffer from multiple daily fits. As a result, he was thrown out of his village. Medication stopped his seizures, enabling him to start school and return to his village.

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Meet our other partners

We support a variety of projects through our local partners in Uganda, Malawi and DR Congo. All our partners are locally-run, grassroots organisations, responding to the needs in their area.

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