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Urgent appeal: teacher sponsorship

June 25, 2017

Our school is expanding and we need your help! Our teaching costs have doubled. We urgently need new regular donations to pay teachers’ wages and to continue transforming the lives of children with disabilities.


Accomplish Children’s Trust has for several years provided financial support to a primary school for children with disabilities in Kasese, Uganda. It is run by our partner, the Rwenzori Association of Parents of Children with Disabilities (RAP-CD). Accomplish pays the salaries of nine hard-working and dedicated teachers who earn approximately £85 a month. (This is the local standard rate for a primary teacher.) 


This school is exceptionally well run and was pronounced the best special needs school in South West Uganda by a government inspector. It currently has 140 pupils and a waiting list, and plans to expand to 200 students next year. Teaching goes beyond a traditional academic curriculum to include music, dancing and other creative activities to boost children’s confidence, as well as vocational skills such as craft-making and farming. Students have told us that attending this school, making friends, learning new skills and realising how much they can achieve has transformed their lives, prospects and outlook. Jeremiah, who has graduated, credits RAP-CD’s primary school for his achievements. “People think it’s a miracle when they see me, a blind child, performing what they cannot do. I can speak English and I am good at playing xylophone, keyboard and drums, and even reading some lessons and preaching in churches,” he explained.

Two years ago, the first school’s first intake graduated and the pupils had no-where to go on to. Local mainstream secondary schools are crowded and do not cater adequately for students with disabilities, who are not treated as a priority. This is a pressing issue for our blind students in particular, because they require specialist equipment such as Braille typewriters. Some graduates returned to live at RAP-CD’s primary school because they see it as their home. (It is a boarding school as children with disabilities find it difficult to travel). Other students enrolled at local mainstream schools, but have been struggling academically without the support or equipment they require.


Therefore, RAP-CD is building a specialist secondary school adjacent to its primary school. Unlike the primary school where all children have disabilities, the St Agnes Secondary School accepts able-bodied pupils in line with the Ugandan Government’s integration policy; they will also help to subsidise places for children with disabilities.

St Agnes has engaged eight teachers to cover the Ugandan secondary syllabus, which means the overall cost of teachers’ salaries at RAP-CD has doubled so we are urgently seeking new regular donors.


To that end, we are launching our new teacher sponsorship appeal, seeking monthly donations for teachers’ wages. Primary teachers earn £85 a month while secondary teachers earn £100 (the going rate locally). This sounds like a lot of money to give, but the effect of Gift Aid at 25% is quite powerful. If you are a UK tax payer and can claim Gift Aid, you can support a primary teacher for £68 a month, with Gift Aid making up the difference. You may wish to contribute part of a teacher’s salary which Accomplish will then match with other donors, for instance four donors paying £21 a month (or, with Gift Aid, just £17 a month) would fund one primary teacher. People could club together with friends or colleagues to support a teacher, while companies and organisations may wish to sponsor a teacher.


You can arrange a monthly donation via BTMyDonate or using our standing order form. On BTMyDonate, please specify the amount you wish to give and note in the comments field that you would like to sponsor a teacher.


We are keen to keep in touch with all our sponsors (only if they would like to hear from us of course!) Donors will receive annual letters from their teachers, photographs, information about individual pupils and how they are progressing, and regular updates on RAPCD’s schools. 


You can also support the teacher sponsorship appeal by telling your friends, and sharing our posts on Facebook and Twitter. Thank you for your help, support and interest in Accomplish. We couldn’t do any of our work without you.


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