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How KCDC got Farouk on his feet

Ssebowa Farouk is a three-year-old boy who was referred to KCDC in April 2016. He was found to be developmentally delayed, with poor sitting balance and unable to crawl, stand or walk due to complications during labour and delivery. Farouk lives with his grandmother far from KCDC and she is unable to attend the centre regularly.


I taught Farouk’s grandmother the positions and activities she should work on at home to develop his sitting balance and other skills, and we included him in our community home visit programme. His grandmother has been very positive and has taken in all the advice we have given her in the initial assessment and three subsequent home visits. She said she couldn’t believe how quickly he improved and wished that we had been around sooner.


I am happy to report that they are making good progress at home, and appreciate the good work done by the KCDC team. Farouk has already gained good sitting balance, has started crawling and can pull himself to standing while holding onto support like a table or a jerry can. He can take a few steps with support as well.


Because of this great progress we have built him parallel bars at home (pictured below) so he can practice standing and walking, from which he will progress to using a walking frame.


We are also working with Rehema, a nurse at KCDC, to develop Farouk’s communication as he can only say a few words at the moment.


Accomplish provides a grant to support David’s physiotherapy work.



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