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In all honesty this has taken some time to write, but the simple reason why we support Accomplish is that we wish to share the joy and bring hope to others living with disability. 


It may seem strange to use the word joy when talking about disability but joy is to be found even in the most difficult situations, and we believe that the work of Accomplish helps to facilitate this. Not only for the children but also for the wider family too. 


As parents ourselves of a severely disabled child we know a little of the frustrations of living with disability.  However, we count ourselves lucky to live in a society where our son is able to receive an education and the specialist help and equipment that he needs to improve his quality of life.  To live in a culture where this may not be the case must be very bleak and frightening.


As a parent, one remembers the birth of a long-awaited child; the waiting is finally over and you get to meet your precious baby.  To receive the news that your child is disabled is hard and no parent ever forgets the moment that they are given this news.  Suddenly as a parent you become a member of a ‘club’ that you never wished to be a member of, and you find yourself set apart from others because your child is not ‘normal’.  It is hard to think of the future or even manage day to day activities in this new world.  Life is turned upside down and so begins a journey where one is constantly trying to be normal and to find acceptance.  Day to day life can feel like a struggle to us living in the UK with disability, but to those living in Africa it must seem overwhelming.  We know that it is practical help and support rather than expressions of sympathy that help you through these difficult times.  This to us is clearly why the work of Accomplish is so important and deserves to be supported.


In our own personal journey we as parents are continually inspired and moved by the stories of other families and to reach out in some small financial way is our means of supporting the parents in Africa who we have never met but who also find themselves in the same ‘club’.  We like to think that in some small way they too can find joy and a sense of hope for the future. 





We can tell you that living with a disabled child brings many blessings despite some of the hardships and difficulties of being a‘club’ member.  But, with the right help and support it is possible to feel the joy and to live a full and complete life whatever that may be.  We believe that everyone has something to offer in this rich and varied world and that all life is to be valued. 


Our own son brings daily delight in our family and we treasure every moment that we are able to spend with him.  A small shriek of delight or smile from him is so rewarding to us as a family.  We hope that in some small way a family in Africa is able to experience similar moments of pure joy.  Our ongoing small donations are our way of saying thank you for the many blessings that we receive and to share this with other club members.

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