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Ten-year-old Reuben has to watch his twin sister go to school, leaving him at home.


He has hemiplegia and other physical disabilities so cannot walk to school.


The Rwenzori Special Needs Foundation's (RSNF) outreach team found Reuben and referred him to the Kyaninga Child Development Centre for therapy.

Realising that Reuben was malnourished, RSNF also bought him some fish and powdered milk.  In addition, they gave his mother valuable advice about nutrition.  Now, Reuben’s general health has improved dramatically. This in turn has encouraged the RSNF staff to consider offering nutritional advice on a wider basis; they are planning to gather the parents of children with disabilities together for training.


Just £22 enables an outreach worker to support at least 30 children in a month.  Could you make a regular commitment to sponsor a community outreach worker to help more children like Reuben receive the care they need?