Nora (not her real name) caught Meningitis as a baby which means she cannot walk and cannot sit unaided.


As if that wasn’t enough to contend with, early in 2019 a cyclone hit parts of Malawi destroying many fragile mud huts.  Nora’s home was reduced to rubble.

Nora's grandmother cares for her while her mother works.  Due to the stigma attached to a child with disabilities, the normal village care is denied Nora, so when her grandmother has to leave her, she scoops out a hole in the ground in which to place her for safety.

Nora became one of the first children to enrol into the Heart of Mercy project, which Accomplish supports.  Monthly visits by Keith or Gladys (from the Heart of Mercy leadership team) have brought hope and much needed support – and a welcome gift of soap. 


In 2018 Nora was given a goat by another family within the Heart of Mercy project.  This goat belongs to the child, increasing her status within the village. It also brings an income when future kids are sold.


Early in 2021, Nora received a special wheelchair suitable for the rough terrain of her village.  What a life-transforming piece of equipment!  Her grandmother no longer has to carry her everywhere.  She can sit up and see the world from a better vantage point.  She can digest her food and breathe more efficiently.  She can be taken to new places. 

Nora's family attend Heart of Mercy's monthly parent/guardian meetings, where problems are shared and help and guidance is offered, either by other parents or by a physiotherapist.  Parents are taught so much, especially about how to give special care to their child.

Accomplish Children’s Trust is the main supporter of the Heart of Mercy project.  All of the above has happened through the generosity of our donors.  If you can, might you consider making a donation today to help Nora and other children like her in Malawi?  Thank you for your support.