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Medical Missionary


Medical Missionary News is a registered charity that supports medical staff, hospitals and projects around the world through healthcare services, education, training and prayer. Their fantastic work ensures the provision of grants to Christian organisations, shipping medical supplies to mission hospitals and clinics, and supports doctors and nurses in their training and development by using their medical skills to serve a higher purpose globally.


In 2019, MMN provided a generous grant to two schools built and supported by Accomplish: the RAPCD primary school for deaf or blind children and the ongoing project of St Agnes Integrated Secondary School, in order to supply textbooks in Braille and provide technological equipment allowing for Braille transcripts to be printed. 

These children had no place in society as the flawed and outdated view of disabled children within African society meant that there was no access to education.   Now, not only is there access to education but these specialised schools encourage a safe and open environment where these children are able to thrive in life given the right support.

Projects like this are impossible without our partners, and MMN’s work helps us in our joint mission of providing education to those neglected children suffering from disabilities.    More details on this project can be found on the MMN website: Against All Odds