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Jeremiah excelled in his national exams and was the second-best performing student in Uganda at his level.


But the pathway towards his academic achievements hasn’t been an easy one.


Kule Jeremiah, who is blind, grew up in a remote rural village in south west Uganda, where he felt isolated.  He had no access to education until his teens.

That changed when RAP-CD opened its special needs primary school in 2010, supported by Accomplish.  Jeremiah was one of the school's first pupils.  For the first time in his life, he was not only able to attend school, but he also became part of a community where he made a lot of friends and began to thrive.  In addition to the core academic curriculum, Jeremiah learned to play xylophone, keyboard and drums at the school and on Sundays he preached and read lessons in local churches.  During a field visit, he shared with us his pride in his musical skills; he felt that his local village community was amazed by what he had learnt to do.  He became the school’s head boy and graduated in 2015, having passed his primary seven exams with flying colours.

Subsequently, Jeremiah joined a mainstream secondary school.  Unfortunately it made no provisions for students with disabilities, so he started to fall behind academically.  Any exam papers had to be brought back to RAP-CD to be translated into Braille, which caused delays, so Jeremiah sat all his exams after his fellow students.  

Recognising the obstacles faced by Jeremiah and other students after leaving RAP-CD’s primary school, RAP-CD has set about building a secondary school called St Agnes.  Jeremiah was among St Agnes’ first intake of students when its doors opened in 2017.

Jeremiah has flourished at St Agnes, coming second in the whole of Uganda for his exams in March/April 2020. 

There is further cause for celebration. Jeremiah married Kabugho Naume in Kasese at the end of 2020 amidst great rejoicing. According to Maali Wilson, the leader of the RAPCD schools project, this wedding has brought great hope and joy to other pupils.