Introducing Accomplish...


Accomplish exists to serve the needs of children and their families affected by health disabilities living in rural Africa.  Our purpose is to change the lives of these children through treatment, education and social care.

Our Founder

Accomplish Children's Trust was established by Rebecca Cornish. Rebecca spent three years working as a physiotherapist in a community hospital in rural Uganda. She saw first hand the need for a radical change in the way that children with disabilities are treated and percieved.  She left Africa in 2008, with a burning passion to find a means to establish treatment and educational networks that could impact the lives of children with disabilities.


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Medical Intervention

Accomplish works with hospitals and specialists to support treatments that can dramatically change children's quality of life, such as operations for club foot, cleft pallate, sight and hearing.  Accomplish also funds epilepsy treatment clinics which have transformed the lives of hundreds of children who had been suffering from debilitating seizures.

Educating & empowering

Accomplish believes in the power of education to empower and transform lives. Our activities reflect this and we have initiated a number of vocational training programmes for families affected by disability.  These projects equip and train disabled children directly or, in some cases, provide training for parents so that they can generate income to provide appropriate care and support.  


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Community Outreach

Disability is misunderstood in many rural regions of Africa, often resulting in poor treatment or neglect of children suffering with disabilities, and generating distrust within local communities.  Working with our partners, we promote outreach programmes to facilitate Community Based Rehabilitation.  We fund a number of physiotherapists to support these activities, and the impact in the villages and communities is highly beneficial. 

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