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A classroom at RAPCD's school

How your donation helps 

Thank you for your support, which will help provide education, medical care, income generation and community outreach for disabled children and their families in Africa.


Your generosity has transformed the lives of these children and young people, and many more like them...


Neema is a single leg amputee who lives in the Democratic Republic of Congo. An accomplish donor has financed her education, and Accomplish also assisted with an operation for a prosthetic leg.

John collecting his epilepsy medication

John has epilepsy and used to suffer from frequent seizures. Once he started attending our clinics and received medication, his seizures stopped, which enabled him to start school.

Christo with her son

Christo attends the epilepsy treatment clinics. The child on her knee is her first-born son. Without epilepsy treatment, marriage would not have been possible. The fits had caused her immense danger from the open cooking fire in her home, as well as isolation from friends and family.

Flonika with her grandma

When she was little, Flonika had difficulty moving and needed help with everything, including feeding. Gladys from the Heart of Mercy taught her some mobility exercises. After several years and a lot of work and patience, Flonika took her first unsteady steps aged eight.

Godfrey with Accomplish founder Rebecca Cornish

Godfrey was born blind, just like his two siblings. He was one of the first children to enrol in RAPCD's primary school for deaf or blind children, which opened in 2010 with financial support from Accomplish. Godfrey thrived at school and became head boy, before progressing on to RAPCD's secondary school.

Gorret sewing

Gorret, who is partially blind, runs a successful tailoring business. She learned her craft at our vocational training centre and was given a sewing machine when she graduated to enable her to start work.

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