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​Developing movement has been a huge challenge for Grace as she has cerebral palsy.  Yet, with support, this has recently begun to change. 

Grace (not her real name) is about 8 years old and lives in Wilson village in Malawi.  She has difficulty moving, and needs help with everything, including feeding.  Since her mother’s home was destroyed in a cyclone in January 2019, she has lived in her grandmother’s mud house.  Grace is often sick, contracting Malaria three or four times a year.  Her grandmother, who looks after her while her mother works in the fields, is unusual in that she strongly advocates seeking medical treatment for Grace.  Medical fees are an additional financial burden for families that already are struggling to meet their families’ basic needs.  Sadly, many families in poor rural communities in Africa perceive taking a child with disabilities to hospital as a waste of money and effort. 


The Heart of Mercy team, which Accomplish supports, visits Grace every month and their visits are greatly appreciated.  When Gladys, from the Heart of Mercy, first met Grace, she couldn’t walk.  Gladys taught her some basic exercises and encouraged her mother and grandmother to keep her moving.  As a result, Grace has now taken her first steps and is starting to walk!  The Heart of Mercy team has established a link with an enthusiastic therapist from Zomba Hospital called Baxter.  He plans to teach parents and guardians simple exercises to improve the children’s movements further.


A well-organised goat project has been set up in Grace’s village, supported by Accomplish.  Grace has been given a goat through this project.  Not only will her family benefit from the income provided by the sale of its kids, but other local families will benefit too; each family in the project must give their goat's first kid to another child with disabilities. In a nearby village, a group of 10 mothers whose children also have disabilities are starting their own corporate goat project, which Accomplish is supporting.  


Will you support the goat project in Grace’s village or this new scheme?  One goat costs £30.

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