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If you are planning a sponsored challenge, you can create your own sponsorship page by registering with Enthuse to raise money for us.  


Whether you cycle, run or swim for us, or undertake another challenge, every single step you take will help transform the lives of children with disabilities in Africa. 

We rely on fundraising events, sponsorship and donations throughout the year.  Our fabulous fundraisers have raised money for us by organising concerts, cake sales, pub quizzes and curry nights, through school-based initiatives such as a non-uniform day, by organising a group London-to-Paris bike ride, and by participating in half marathons and triathlons. 

If you are holding an event, please let us know so we can share the news on social media and help publicise your event.

No upcoming events at the moment
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Zoe Smith, who ran the Robin Hood Half Marathon for Accomplish, tells her story:

“I love Accomplish Children’s Trust. The difference it has made to the lives of so many children with disabilities – and to their families and communities – is breath-taking.


"One story of such joy is the school for deaf or blind children. Accomplish has supported this school from its inception as a tiny germ of an idea to its existence as a thriving, growing primary school. The education is exemplary. There are countless stories of personal and societal expectations being blown by the bravery, tenacity and sheer intelligence of children who had previously been written off. Now these families want a secondary school. Rightly so! And that needs money. So I thought that I’d run to raise some funds.


“Ultimately, I think that the lesson I’ve learnt is this –go out and fundraise. Do crazy things, or things you enjoy. It’s surprisingly exhilarating, gives you a chance to talk about something you love, and people’s generosity will surprise you.”

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